Saturday, December 24, 2011

snowy day in Bisbee

We took my wife's sister down to Bisbee today--a couple of hours to the SE of Tucson, a mile-high up in the Mule Mountains just north of the Mexican border...and it SNOWED!

Main Street in this Victorian mountain mining town:

At one time, Bisbee was the largest city between the Mississippi River and San Francisco...Mining is no longer what it was here; the mountain town is a curious mix of restored b&b's, espresso stands, seedy taverns, art galleries, motorcycle hangouts, chic boutiques, Tucsonans on day-trips and Europeans on quests to see the 'real Wild West'...

    ...symmetry of complementary color on a streetcorner:
This stairway tucked into a narrow passageway also caught my eye: 
(I'm still playing around a lot with the app I mentioned in the previous posting;
photography on a snowy day with the iPhone is just so easy.
I didn't bring my other camera, but with the snow,
I wouldn't have taken it out anyway...)

Through a gallery window--an artist at work:
His name is Poe Dismuke, and he and his wife, Sam Woolcott, are the artists and owners.
His sculptures and drawings and her paintings fill the gallery, which is also his work space:
(For more info, click here:

A couple of doors down, in the PanTerra gallery, my wife and her sister got felt hats, (the snowy weather was good for business), and I bought this surreal print:
The photographer/digital artist is Dale O'Dell, from up in Prescott, AZ.
(I just had to get this print--feeling a bit homesick for the Pacific NW...and when I was younger, I used to want to live in a tree. S. and I have walked inside a tree on the Olympic Peninsula that would be big enough to live in; it literally had room-like partitions within its trunk...)

So, as I said, it snowed--for a couple of hours, the flakes came down quite copiously...
...not a particularly noteworthy photo, the one above, but I did e-mail it,
directly from my iPhone, to our local ABC news channel--you know, for those
'local weather scene' type things--and on tonight's news on KGUN ch. 9, there it was on tv!
Snow is always exciting in southern Arizona...

 Right as the snow began, we stopped for lunch:
The patio of "Poco" restaurant is tucked into a shady alley in this Victorian town, but on this wintry day, we said 'no' to al fresco dining. Inside this hole-in-the-wall, we had creative local fusion fare. My lunch was the 'poco dog:' Korea meets Mexico in a vegan version of the classic 'Sonoran hot dog:' chipotle aioli and homemade kimchi (kimchi!) and guacamole atop a vegetarian sausage and refried black beans on a bolillo roll! East meets south-of-the-border: viva!


  1. I have mixed feelings about photo editting apps. The grumpy old man in me says "That durn blurr makes me want to get my eyes checked for cataracts". But then it is pretty cool the effects that can be acheived.

    I'll let you know if I ever reconcile my internal curmudeon and my inner technophile.

  2. By the way... what a beautiful day in Bisbee. It's now officially on my list of Places to Visit in this decade.