Wednesday, November 13, 2013

some recent reflections...literal, that is

Cooler afternoons have finally arrived in southern Arizona; time for weekday after-work runs in Sabino Canyon again...

...and as I often take my iPhone with me, here are some photos, including this one that was published in the Tucson newspaper a couple of weeks ago:

The riparian canyon oasis is one of my favorite spots anywhere in Arizona; what's come to be 'home' just wouldn't be home without it...

...but the waters are dwindling. I took the above scene a few weeks ago, but the same spot looks like this now:

While there are still areas of flowing water, large stretches of the creek have dried up;
come on winter rains, come on...

But there are still plenty of opportunities for reflection:

Living in the desert, reflective scenes have become irresistible...

Days getting shorter, waters drying up...


The other day, while running in the canyon, I saw this guy:

Alas, smooshed on the road, but still quite a sight--was as long as my hand.
It's a scolopendra, a giant desert centipede.

They can eat rodents and snakes.


And my post-pneumonia lungs are, at last, approaching their pre-pneumonia state;
I'm finally able to run the entire length of the canyon again...


We had to go out of town at the beginning of the month,
trekking across the desert to California...

here's a stretch of the Sonoran desert west of Phoenix:

Vast skies, but oh so dry.

How good it is to live near Sabino Canyon,
near water, as meager as it may seem...


Recently, the good folks over at Perspective Correct


And one last thing--
some origami that a student of mine made:
HANDS! --from ONE sheet of PAPER!
I was duly impressed.