Wednesday, January 4, 2012

pulvis et umbra sumus--from a ridgetop last Sunday

This past Sunday, January 1st: sunny and 75 degrees on a ridgetop between two canyons--hardly a better place to be...

...a perfect day for a desert hike on Tucson's northeast edge, up to Blackett's Ridge. In the sky between Sabino and Bear canyons, the city feels a world away. No big cacti either; at this elevation, you're above the saguaro-line.

 (I had only taken my iPhone with with shadows...pieced together six pics for this panorama.)

Words from the ancient Roman poet Horace come to mind:
"pulvis et umbra sumus"
(we are but dust and shadow)
echoing the earlier Job:
 "man fleeth as a shadow..."
...reminders to make good use of this new year.

[above photo just published here in the local newspaper]

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