Wednesday, April 2, 2014

For this week's #FriFotos: STAIRS

For a few months now, I've been enjoying the weekly #FriFotos travel photography round-up every Friday on Twitter...

Since this week's theme is 'stairs,' I thought I'd gather a few far-flung scenes for a blog post--from France to Korea, Canada to Guatemala, and a few Desert Southwest locales as well.

From last summer,
in the Rennaissance tower of the 
Château de Montaigne in the SW of France:
Literally, in the worn steps 
of the 16th-century
essayist and humanist,

From my current desert hometown,
a detail of Tucson's

Back to France,
to the Loire valley--
one of the spiral stone staircases

Further south,
the time-eroded stairs from the 14th-century: 

Traveling far to the east,
to the stairs leading up to 
Seoul's Joseon-dynasty 

From one of the world's largest cities
to a 'lost' city in the Guatemalan jungle--
the steep access stairs built to protect
the original stone stairs 
on this Maya temple in Tikal:

Up to Montréal--
some of the city's iconic 
Montreal, QC, Montreal, Canada

...and elsewhere in the city,
 to the stairs reserved for 
pilgrims climbing on their knees
Saint Joseph, Westmount, Canada

Speaking of St. Joseph,
and heading south now,
some believe in a legend that says 
that St. Joseph is responsible for these stairs:
Loretto Chapel, Santa Fe, NM, Santa Fe, New Mexico
The 'miraculous stairs' of the Loreto Chapel in Santa Fe, NM

Closer to home again:
--one of my favorite architectural spots
just off 'Brewery Gulch'

And back to the Tucson area for the most recent scene,from just down the road--the utilitarian military stairs that descend to the underground control bunker of the only Titan Missile silo now open to the public:
A sobering relic of the Cold War--
nothing like thoughts of 
an nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missile
to end with...