Sunday, August 25, 2013

#CTC13--this summer's travels: five colors, five photos...all from my iPhone

For tonight, some discipline in being photographically concise--choosing just five scenes from this summer's travels...I was going through the France-and-Spain-photos on my iPhone, and then I read about the "Capture the Color" travel-photo-blogging contest...and I thought this would be a good exercise in visual-summarizing: five photos, five colors...
...and to limit myself, ONLY photos from my iPhone.

(For complete information on this contest, go to

...and as part of the process, each blogger nominates five fellow bloggers to participate; so here goes:

Robert Koehler--


When flying over the Grand Canyon, ALWAYS get a window seat...
a summer storm off in the distance, from my Tucson-Salt Lake City flight back in June,
the first leg of my flight to Paris

The Château de Chenonceau,
spanning the River Cher

For one glorious evening and morning,
this was 'our Paris'--the view from our hotel room
in Montmartre

it's a cliché, but...when driving by a field of sunflowers
in the South of France, you just have to stop and get a roadside picture;
a 'painterly' view of Castelnau-sur-Gupie, between the Garonne and Dordogne rivers

The World comes to Paris...
on the Quai Anatole France, on the Left Bank of the Seine,
a walkable world-map


Not part of  'the five,'
but this one soap-shop window-front scene 
from Barcelona could sum it all up:

Monday, August 19, 2013

looking back on an evening along the Dordogne...

An evening scene from several weeks ago:

...sunset light along the Dordogne River in the SW of France, 
the old bastide ('fortified town') of Sainte-Foy-la-Grande...

This week, I'm honored to have this photo featured on iART Chronicles--one of the images chosen for "Painterly Mobile Art Monday." 

While in France, I began experimenting more with "painterly" effects in mobile photography editing...If you're curious, this flickr group shows what other mobile photographers are doing with this...

Friday, August 2, 2013

This year's languages...

Many of the country's school-districts are still on summer-break--enjoy the pool/lake/beach while you still can, kids!--but here in Tucson, students returned yesterday...

...and so this is the first work-week-Friday of the new school-year...

Relatively smooth start. I'm at a new school this year. To paraphrase Seneca the Roman philosopher: 'change of workplace can impart new vigor to the mind'...

The past few years, I've worked at a very diverse school. In my new classroom, I don't have students from two dozen countries like I did before, but contrary to what some in the local community might think, the school is not elitist-and-therefore-non-diverse--to wit, the list of languages spoken in my students' homes:


Some of the foreign countries where these students have lived and visited: Kenya, Togo, Uzbekistan, China, Korea...and, fun for me as a French teacher--many have been to Paris. (And no one has asked me "is Mexico City a country" yet...I'm not scheduled to teach Spanish this far, at least...)

As for the 'trendy' names in this cohort--I have several Alexes, Briannas, Maddies, and Andies. (All the Andies are Asian...) The first year I taught (up in the Seattle area), I had one class with FIVE Sarahs; two were "Sarah Elizabeth"...and two of them were blonde.

Here we go.