Thursday, September 4, 2014

For this week's FriFotos: ORANGE

If you're interested in travel, photography, and travel-photography, Twitter's #FriFotos chat/forum/photo-share is probably already a weekly ritual... 
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Anyone is welcome to participate...

...and since this week's theme (announced on Tuesday) is going to be "ORANGE," these scenes from the past few years come to mind:

From this past winter,
a foggy sunrise over the Grand Canyon:

sunset behind Point Loma,
from Coronado Island, California something man-made,
spotted near the Canal St.-Martin in Paris last summer:

windows outlined in orange
in the Château de Chambord, France:

the glorious stained-glass ceiling
of the Palau de la Musica Catalana, 

...back to nature, the orange glow of a summer evening 
on the Canal de Midi in the South of France:

...and the Volcán de Agua throwing its shadow
into the sky to the west of Guatemala City:

From this summer, on Korea's Ulleung-do island,
(the most beautiful island you've never heard of)
the distinctive local "hobakmakgeolli" ale,
brewed from rice and pumpkin:
For more info on this unique island beverage, click here...

...a brightly jacketed senior citizen swinging 
through some morning calisthenics
near a riverside market in Jeonju, S. Korea:

...a 'guardian dragon' on the ceiling of the gateway 
of the old South Gate leading into downtown Seoul:

...looking up through some of the lanterns
at Jogye-sa temple in central Seoul:

...and back home to Tucson,
one of the adobe Sonoran-style row-houses in the Barrio Viejo:

the desert in bloom: poppies in spring after the winter rains,
Catalina State Park:

summer--Mexican-red-bird-of-paradise in bloom:

 ...fishhook barrel cactus in bloom,
adding some color in late summer:

autumn in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains, northern edge of Tucson:

...and the fall color lingering into December along desert creeks,
cottonwoods along Sabino Creek:

Sunset from Gates Pass,
beetle on a jojoba leaf:

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