Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Cheerios" get a sweet tan

Since the 1940's, "Cheerios" have graced many an American breakfast table...what's more 'white bread American" than a bowl of Cheerios, right?
Well, lo and behold:
We don't have small children, so I don't often linger in the supermarket cereal aisle--but when I saw this box, I had to get it. They're muy deliciosos...

Culinary multi-culturation continues. Just had to share.

And because I'm a language-teacher, I have to include this little pronunciation lesson: pronounce 'dulce de leche' as 'dool-seh deh leh-cheh'...and NOT 'dol-cheh'...

A few years ago, Starbucks was serving a 'dulce de leche latte' (not that different from the caramel macchiatto), and almost every time I would order it, the server would 'correct' me by repeating my order:
      "Okay, so you want a double 'dul-che' de leche latte?" 
To which I would patiently reply, "Yes, I would like a DOOL-SEH de leche latte." 
     "Okay, a 'dul-che' de leche latte for you, um, what's your first name?"

Please--know how to pronounce what you serve. 
If you're going to charge nigh four bucks for a cup of cofffee,
know the difference between Italian and Spanish, POR FAVOR! PER FAVORE! 
(And no, 'venti' does not mean 'extra large' in Italian.)

No, that wasn't a rant.

Time for a happy taste to take you to a happy place: dulce de leche breakfast cereal--Bon app├ętit, amigos!

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  1. Methinks people who don't know how to pronounce "dulce de leche" have no business selling "dulce the leche" lattes! Oh my goodness, when will these Cheerios make it to my neck of the woods? And here I thought Cheerios was a staple for those suffering from high cholesterol! I want some! :)