Sunday, March 11, 2012

The 'baeckeoffe' works in the 'cocotte-mijoteuse!'...and I'm canyon-committed

So, the recipe I posted last week--my wife wondered if it would work in a slow cooker/crock-pot...
...and it does!

Same ingredients--just layer them in a crock pot and follow your machine's instructions as if you're making a pot roast. You'll end up with more liquid--more of a could use less than the whole bottle of Riesling, if you want less liquid...

We served it to some visiting 'snowbirds'--two couples from Québec spending the winter RVing around California and Arizona--they could definitely say that they'd never had Alsatian-Korean fusion food before, but they said it was 'délicieux'...

And thus, we learned how to say 'slow cooker' in French--I'd never thought about it before; when I lived in France I didn't have a crock-pot, so it had just never occurred to me how to say 'crock-pot'...So. the technical term is 'cocotte-mijoteuse.' ('Mijoter' is the French verb 'to simmer,' by the way.)

Eating such hearty meat-and-potato fare--good fuel for running.
So, speaking of running...this afternoon I went for my usual run in Sabino Canyon(saw a bobcat, incidentally!), loved it as when I got home, I went ahead and signed up--I'm committed now to this year's Sabino Canyon Sunset Run.

Here's the course profile:
I love it! The equivalent of climbing a 50-story building...but it's spread out over a couple of miles, and with glorious desert riparian canyon all around you--it's a balm for the soul...

So, nuestros amigos, nos amis, 
come on down, escape your grey winters,
run this race,
and eat Korean-French meat-and-potatoes with us,


  1. That recipe looks delicious. Good to know that it works in a slow cooker. How would you say that in Spanish. Froy just calls it my "hoyo electrico"... but I bet there's a more specific term.

    Congrats on signing up for another fun looking race.

    1. Hey there--so I did un poco research: check out this page--
      (you've pointed me there yourself in the past...)
      Pues, supongo que se diria 'olla para coccion lenta' o tal vez 'olla de cocimiento lento'...or you could always say 'el cracpot,' no?