Sunday, January 23, 2011

NW Nostalgia...Regional Humor

From the Desert Southwest, I post this 'ad' of sorts, encouraging you to check out a newly premiered comedy show poking fun at the Pacific Northwest.

The recent issue of Newsweek magazine had a brief article about it:

...and here's a link to the show's site:

...and just because I can--here's a videoclip of a segment from the premiere episode:

I'm not completely convinced if the rest of the country will 'get' this regional farce. I hope so, though.

A couple of years ago, there was a series of articles in our local paper here, looking at 'what works' in Portland, and what, if anything, Tucson might do to emulate that mossy metropolis of the NW...which led, of course, to lots of letters-to-the-editor comparing/complaining/berating/wishing, etc. etc...

I'm reminded of "Almost Live"...any of you remember that, from years ago--the Seattle take on the SNL concept?

Northwest nostalgia--only to a point, though.

Earlier today, my wife and I were conversing with a visiting friend, also an erstwhile Pacific NWesterner...being in the sunny seventy-something-degree outdoors in January: ahh, Tucson--you can't get that in Portland.

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