Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New year...new decade. The 'noughts' are in the past...does anybody really call them "the noughts?"

I've signed up, paid, and am therefore obligated--
I will be running my first half-marathon in a couple of weeks!
Up in Phoenix...over twenty THOUSAND other runners--the "Rock'n'Roll" 1/2 and full marathon...

It snowed last week--even down here in the Tucson basin--nothing stuck, but we flirted with sleet and flakes for a good half-hour...
My "wife's-eye-view" of the winter storm clearing last week--
sun, saguaros, and snow on the Santa Catalinas:

Later that afternoon, I went for a run in our neighborhood, taking my cellphone with me--took a few pictures from the 'natural' area of a nearby park (creosote flats), and stitched them together into this panorama when I got home--The Santa Catalina mountain range, half-covered with new snow:
(yep, that's my shadow in the bottom right...)

OK...lunch break over...back to work...
When's the next vacation? Winter break was BUSY...

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