Tuesday, August 11, 2009

end of summer...diaspora map...

Tomorrow: back to work--staff meetings and classroom prep before the students return next Monday.
Adios, verano...

I've 'sold' some of my photos the past couple of days(!)--to a local bookshop,
a coffee shop, and a furniture/decor gallery. Well, I've not yet been paid,
but I showed my portfolio, and the business owners picked out which ones
they want me to return with; one store is going to sell them on consignment,
while another will actually pay me on delivery...
nothing big, but it might help pay for gas, eh?
(So, do I have to get a business license or something? I mean, just for a few bucks?
hmm...technical questions that demand answers...)

This morning's online newspaper reading led to some hyperlink-jumping, resulting in this find:

(map courtesy of the Joong-Ang Ilbo-linked blog: http://www.discoveringkorea.com/)

...me and maps...
so, this one shows the Korean 'diaspora'...
color-coded--cool, eh?
Who knew that Brazil had so many Koreans?
I mean, China and the US--duh--but South America? Germany?
I like that the map is in shades of red: the color of kimchi and so much of la cuisine coréenne...

The notion of diaspora--close to my heart...
a couple of factoids:
Did you know
--that there are more descendents of Irish immigrants
living in the US than there are Irish people living in Ireland?
--the number of Franco-Americans (Americans of French-Canadian
descent) is larger than the population of Québec?
--one percent of the population of Costa Rica is Chinese?

All over the place...

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