Monday, August 25, 2008

2 weeks into it...noodles...

The new school-year is two-weeks-old now here in Tucson...but I have nothing particularly insightful to write on this Monday afternoon...

...other than that on the way home this afternoon, listening to NPR, I gleaned this piece of trivia: today is the 50th anniversary of instant ramen; yep, on August 25th, 1958, the first package of chicken ramen went on sale in Japan. I've eaten my share of ramen (who hasn't?)--doctored up Korean-style with egg and hot sauce, and so I'm thankful that five decades ago, the convenience-noodle-revolution began.

I still have a hard time saying "ramen" though; I grew up hearing the Korean pronunciation, which is more like "l/rah-myuhn."

When I lived in Paris, one of my favorite cheap-meal hangouts was on the Rue Ste.-Anne: le restaurant japonais Higuma. (photo below courtesy of the link)

It was a true Asiatic noodle-house, full of Japanese and Korean ex-pats, (I could even get kimchee there!), just a few blocks away from the wedding-cake-esque Opéra Garnier. No 'instant' here though; you could sit at the counter (kind of like at Waffle House!) and watch the guys cooking the noodles and broth...and voilà! un bol chaud de ramen!


The other night we saw some friends from out-of-town, who were staying at a house that belongs to some of their relatives. We went over, and I couldn't resist taking a picture of the pool with my cell-phone-camera:

...evening among the saguaros in the foothills west of Tucson, ahh...Desert-modernist-palace chic...


Yesterday, a drive up Mt. Lemmon, to escape the heat. It was 100 or above all last week, and for most of the first two weeks of the school-year the a/c in my classroom was not working properly. Thirty adolescents in a humid classroom day after day--less than 'fresh.' So the drive up the mountain was a relief. About halfway up is this vista point, looking toward Thimble Peak (5323'); the mid-elevation grasslands are still green from the monsoon rains...

And today, the clouds returned; a cool day in the 80's with occasional drizzle (!) to get me back into classroom-mode.

Noodles: Nouilles: Fideos.

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