Thursday, May 8, 2014

With and Without...Spring morphing into summer in Sabino Canyon

Tucson's early spring is morphing into an early summer this year--and the drying up of Sabino Creek is striking proof. 

So, here are some before-and-after scenes, from recent runs,
"with" water and "without"...


And, from a couple of weeks ago, 
a scene from where the creek exits the canyon:

Although the creek is no longer flowing,
a few reflective spots still remain, including this one.
Incidentally--it was featured on:
(and, it made the TV news...small thrill...)

========================= I get ready for an upcoming trip to Korea--any of you have opinions on the best platform for travel-photo-blogging via iPad? I'm not taking my laptop, and unfortunately, the 'blogger' mobile-blogging app is cumbersome and distorts photos...Let me know!

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