Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Deer beneath the snow--a New Year's Day hike

After sitting in planes and airports for the better part of the the last day of last year, I was eager to be up and about on this first day of the new one. So, after sleeping in and home-made waffles, (MERCI à ma femme!), off to Sabino Canyon for a hike on a perfect desert winter day--yesterday's storm cleared overnight, revealing freshly snowcapped Santa Catalina Mountains...

We weren't on the trail for five minutes yet when a couple of deer appeared:
...crossing our path, plucking cactus fruit, grazing close to us...

The high point of the hike--
snow-capped Thimble Peak 
overlooking the cottonwoods 
still hanging on to last fall's color: 

...hard to ask for a better start to 2013.

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