Tuesday, February 28, 2012

from a far shore...

Last summer, during the month I spent in Korea, I traveled from Seoul to the opposite coast--to the port of Sokcho, on the NE coast of the country. After spending several hours sitting on the bus, I was eager to walk around and explore--and one of the first photos I took is being featured this week on the homepage of the travel website afar.com

This little photo (taken with my iPhone) won last week's 'rendezvous'-theme competition, which means I'm a finalist in the competition for a trip to India! The full highlight is below, followed by a link with more information about the contest..

For more information about this afar.com travel photo/highlight contest, click on the link below:

if you scroll down on this week's afar.com homepage, you'll also see,
in the 'thumbnails' section, 
the middle photo in the bottom row:

See the photo of Seoul?
Here's the full posting...

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