Sunday, October 30, 2011

published in AFAR! a scene from Brussels...

...just got back from GA; re-acclimatizing to the desert and getting ready to go back to work tomorrow, and I find out that a photo of mine has been published in a travel magazine! Gotta share the thrill:

...on the top of p.22 of the Nov/Dec 2011 issue of AFAR magazine,
look on the right:

voilà l'originale:

A comic-book surprise on a streetcorner in an otherwise gritty part of Brussels, known for its bédé ('comics' in French) culture...Years ago, when I lived in Paris, a friend from the U.S. came to visit; his time was limited, so we hopped on the Eurostar high-speed train just after breakfast one day and spent the day in Belgium. Chocolate, waffles, beer, french fries and 'mussels in Brussels' were inevitable, but on that cold winter day, there was also a lot of art to brighten up the city under the grey...

...and here's the cover so you can find the current issue
of this magazine at your local newsstand or bookstore:
(Incidentally, last year, AFAR won a travel writers' award for 'best travel magazine'...


  1. Wow! Big Huge Congratulations. What an honor, and a great photo, and a cool story and memory to go with it. Bravo!

  2. More publishings!!! Those are wonderful. Great job!