Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday-afternoon preview of Sunday morning; fun with phone-camera after work

After work today I needed to drive up to the far NW side of Tucson to pick up my packet and t-shirt for Sunday's half-marathon...The running-store where I picked those things up is not far from the actual course for the race, and I hadn't been up in that area in a while, so I thought I'd drive along the running route.

It's not actually in Tucson; it's in Oro Valley--intriguing name for a town only incorporated in the mid-1970's. There is no 'downtown.' It's suburbia: strip-malls of chain-stores and traffic...but it's suburbia-with-scenery. The 'backside' of the Santa Catalina Mountains is gorgeous--canyons and uplifted outcroppings soaring above the saguaros.

Spring evening light flatters cell-phone-camera-photos:

These photos were taken in an area along the route called
 'Honeybee Canyon,' a natural preserve surrounded by

Looking forward to Sunday morning...

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