Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Before it gets too hot...

...I'd like to run another half-marathon here in southern AZ. So, during my lunch hour today, I signed up for a race for this upcoming Sunday:
This event will take place at the base of the NW side of the Santa Catalina mountains--very scenic, and March is perfect running weather here in Tucson.

I don't think I'll be able to run it any faster than the one in Phoenix back in January--I missed 2 weeks of running due to being sick a while back, and this route has a few hills--but I'm excited that it'll be closer to home and that it'll benefit cancer research...and I'm just excited by the fact that I'm still enjoying running so much!

Truth be told, I've become maybe even a bit 'dependent' (?) on running--to keep sane, to clear my mind after troublesome days in highschoolland. 'Teacher' is not an accurate job-title for what includes being an arbiter, insolence-fighter, pop-psychologist-motivator, vocabulary-police, ethics-instiller, etc. etc.--it's like trying to herd cats some days! I am perfectly willing to handle youthful exuberance, passing immaturity, attention-hopping--but insolence pushes all my wrong buttons. Or maybe they're the right buttons...At any rate, some recent insolence had become long-term and tiresome, and fortunately, the issue has been resolved. (The kid is out of the classroom...woo-hoo!)

We had a bit of rain the night before last--but the YTD rainfall for Tucson is less than 15% of what it should be! Yes, it's a desert...but still! So--no fields of wildflowers this year--no vast carpets of poppies and lupine, alas...But the temperatures are perfect, and I'm looking forward to 13.1 on Sunday morning.

Before things get too hot, run.

(I'm a fan of this ad's true!)

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