Friday, April 3, 2009

Today's press-release.

Friday after work...
...from my work e-mail inbox to you, a press release from Tucson Schools, verbatim:
Preliminary notices sent to Tucson Unified teachers, administrators regarding a potential reduction in force

Tucson Unified Schools is giving notice of a potential reduction in force to approximately 560 certified employees and 65 administrators in schools on Friday. The certified employees include teachers, counselors and librarians who have not been employed for the major portion of three consecutive years with Tucson Unified.

Certain special programs such as alternative education and hard-to-fill positions such as highly qualified math and science teachers and exceptional education teachers have been exempted from this potential reduction in force. Tucson Unified employs approximately 3,500 teachers.

Because of the uncertain budget situation and the statutory deadline of April 15 for providing notification to certified non-tenured teachers that they will not be offered a contract for the following year, it is necessary for us to over-notify individuals.” said interim Chief Human Resources Officer Nancy Woll.

“We anticipate being able to recall at least some teachers when we have more definitive budget information. I am hopeful that we will receive positive budget information soon and we will be able to begin the recall process.”
So, 1 in 8 teachers in this city: looking for work...
...including me.

We've been getting stronger and stronger hints for a few weeks now...
Earlier this week we were told it very likely would happen.
And today it did: The Letter and 'the conversation in the office.'
The administrator who handed me my letter is himself also receiving the same kind of letter.
And then, mid-month, the 'real' 'official' RIF * letter will be delivered.

I wonder if it'll be on pink paper.

Fun times in Tucson, on a breezy spring day...

Hey, at least we're not as bad as Los Angeles, where six THOUSAND have been told that they won't have a teaching position come August...

* RIF=Reduction In Force
Another acronym for today:
"RIP" for the idea that
"careers in education and healthcare guarantee recession-proof jobs."


  1. Hang in there !!! I know how much you like your city and your congregation and you life in Tucson. Something will work out for you both.
    Hugs! E

  2. I'm sorry to hear that, Joe. We'll be thinking of you here on Vashon.