Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a few spring photos around Tucson...

Some out-of-town-friends are coming to visit us this weekend;
for them, (and for any others who are thinking of visiting Tucson), a 'sneak preview'...

Although this spring's wildflowers aren't as plentiful as last year's, there's still color to be found.

...some penstemon blooming along the Rillito trail
(perfect place to jog or bike; stretches 12 traffic-free miles through the city):

...a close-up of the penstemon blooms:

...bees impatient to get inside a still-closed orange blossom-bud (in our yard):
...a mockingbird, mid-note:
...a Harris' Hawk, (kind of an unusual pose, no?), balancing on top of a saguaro:
(this photo was featured on the online version of the Tucson paper yesterday)
...just south of downtown Tucson, in the historic Sonoran-style-adobe-filled barrio:

...the simplest of elements in Sonoran adobe architecure: shape and color:

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