Thursday, March 5, 2009


The citrus trees in our little yard are alive right now--
a constant buzzing in their fragrant branches.
Standing underneath them, heads and lungs full of scent...

maybe that's how the bees feel as they go about their pollination...
( I just hope these guys are 'regular' honeybees,
not the more feisty 'africanized' bees that are becoming more and more common...)
Fortunately, the bees seem so 'into' the blossoms that they totally ignored me and my camera...

So, a few macro shots from yesterday afternoon, after work...

...and another closeup of weird lemon buds--this is how they look when they first open up, just one petal at a time:

...after the b&w, a bit of random color; I came across this photo from a few years ago and finally scanned it--it's from central Mexico, a mariachi singer's tomb-memorial (I wish I could remember the name) near Guanajuato:

...gotta love the festive sense of color, even in the midst of death, eh?

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