Monday, September 3, 2012

another Labor Day, another Saguaro Nat'l Park RUN...AND a fusion-recipe

I've been back at work in the classroom for just over a month now...
and on this blessed day off, I woke up at 4:30 a.m.?!

...and this was the third year-in-a-row for me...
(My wife took the above photo--the red cap--that's me...
the Santa Catalina Mountains are in the background.)
I made my time goal (2 min faster than last year, solid middle-of-the-pack), and a fleet-of-foot-friend of mine won his age-division. Again! Our wives and a friend came along as cheering spectators. We had no idea they'd put together a sign--so just past mile 5, after the worst of the climbing (see elevation profile below), we read these words:

Got the t-shirt. 
Run in the desert regularly, and you'll definitely see roadrunners of the avian kind...
And here are a couple of graphics--the elevation profile and the route in the Rincon foothills:

Just a couple more random iPhone-photo shots...
While weeding in the backyard the other day, this caught my eye:
Looks like an underwater scene, eh? Cactus blooms still amaze me... 

And then last night,
our friend José-Luis made us his renowned ceviche.
The secret ingredient?
A dash of oyster sauce to complement
the Tapatío!
¡Viva fusion!
We made kimchi-pineapple-quesadillas to go with it.
A pre-race meal of champions, ¿no?

quick recipe:
--inspired by the Kogi taco-trucks of L.A.--
Use large flour tortillas.
For the filling:
coarsely chopped kimchi--the 'riper' the better
thin slices of fresh pineapple
(canned is o.k.)
shredded Mexican cheese
thin slices of pepper-jack cheese
Before folding and grilling,
sprinkle either toasted sesame seeds
or 'furikake' seasoning
on top of the cheesy-tangy filling.
Buen provecho & chap-su-se-yo!

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