Thursday, August 16, 2012

lunchtime links to a chilling 1909 short story

Most of you know that for my day-job, I am a high school teacher. So, yes, I'm posting during the day, BUT I'm on my lunch break; I'm not stealing time from my employer...(are you?)

Anyway, so I'm reading this column on the NYTimes website, which includes a link to an essay on this science-writing website entitled "The Philosophical Roots of Science Fiction." And then within that fascinating essay is a link to the full text of a chilling short story, "The Machine Stops," written in 1909 by E. M. Forster, chronicler of Edwardian mores...

I'd no idea that he also wrote a bit of spookily prescient speculative-fiction.
(Disclaimer--A Passage to India, A Room with a View, Howard's End, The Longest Journey, and Where Angels Fear to Tread are among my favorite novels/films...)

So--want something to read on your lunch-break? Click on the link and check out "The Machine Stops." Then, later, when you send a text, update your facebook, navigate the blogosphere, check your e-mail, or steal a glance at Twitter, you'll wonder what E. M. Forster and his contemporaries would think of our world just over a century later...

What do we think of it?

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