Sunday, July 15, 2012

LE TOUR...Foix...summer turning things around

I'm not an avid reader of the Sports section of the newspaper...
but every summer I follow the stages of the Tour de France...

Today's stage ends up in the town of Foix, in the PyrenĂ©es near the Spanish border. 
I spent a few days here once--so if you're curious to know what the place looks like, 
here's a street scene in the old part of town:

 ...and up in the mountains nearby...
...and voilĂ , the map of this year's Tour de France

...and I'm still playing around on my iPhone with photos 
from our trip to the NW...
Here are a couple of scenes (well, just one scene, twice)
from this past Monday--
in the central Cascades:

Residents and visitors alike bemoan the seemingly eternal grey of the Pacific NW;
summer turns things around, though...


And...AFAR magazine recently published a little interview/profile with me!
In it, I briefly talk about iPhones and travel photography, among other things...

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