Sunday, June 24, 2012

pointing to the coming rains

(...views of yesterday evening's rainbow-in-the-virga...)

Late June in southern Arizona: the 'snowbirds' have fled, but for the hardy (crazy?) souls who endure the heat, the promise of rain eventually appears...Saguaro blooms morph into crimson fruit, harvested by the native Tohono O'odham people who turn it into the wine used in their "singing down the rain" ceremonies...

According to legend, the first Spanish explorer of the desert southwest, Francisco Vásquez de Coronado, prayed for rain on the banks of the Santa Cruz river near Tucson on June 24th, 1540. On that day, the Catholic feast-day of John the Baptist, the monsoon began.

Meteorologically speaking, the rains usually begin in early July, but "The El Día de San Juan Fiesta" continues to be observed in June. (A great example of Native/Spanish/civic syncretism)
Sometimes, the skies cooperate...

Maybe, just maybe, the rains will reach the ground tonight...

(photos above taken with my iPhone last night; 
thanks to our friend R. for hosting the party at her place in the Rincon foothills!)

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  1. Lovely shots, interesting history... hope the rains came.

    See you and S very soon!