Saturday, September 4, 2010

why the difference in worldview?

from a column in this morning's New York Times,
(Religious Outlier, by Charles M. Blow),
this insightful graph:

(difficult to see here--click on the link to the article above for the larger version)

Religious view might not be everything, but it certainly can't be ignored when trying ot understand societies and individuals--and this graph makes it easy to see why the U.S. and other Western nations differ so often in their worldview...

It would be interesting to do such a graph for areas within the U.S.
Having spent my high-school and undergrad years in 'The Bible Belt' of the U.S. Southeast,
and then having lived for years in decidedly secular Seattle--with a year in non-religious France and also a year in super-religious Central America thrown in--this subject intrigues me.

And now here in Tucson--hmm--a graph of the city itself would be fascinating...
Catholic vs. Evangelical vs. Jewish vs. Protestant vs. Darwin-fish-sticker-displayers vs. Foothills vs. University area vs. Southside vs. near the Air Force Base vs. Anglophones vs. Hispanophones...


  1. That's REALLY interesting. Thanks for sharing, especially for the link... that helped a lot.

  2. glad you found it interesting; hope all's well up there!