Friday, July 9, 2010

resurfacing from move(s)

The monsoon has arrived--clouds overhead, rain and lightning finally in the forecast...

AND, at last, we're settled in. Immediately upon arranging our furniture and breaking down boxes, however, we helped some friends prepare for their own move--a trailer-pulling transcontinental move. Glad to help, but--ENOUGH ALREADY! Hoo-boy.

For you friends and family out there who've been curious what the new place looks like, here's a little 30-second videoclip--a 360-degree 'pan' that gives you a piano's-eye-view of the living/dining room:

Looking forward to visitors...

Alas, Sabino Canyon is no longer our 'backyard,' but it's just a ten-minute drive away. And the local neighborhood is good for running--quiet streets, plenty of desert vegetation, plenty of cottontail rabits and reptile life...Javelinas will no longer be scrounging for munchies right outside the living room window, and that means that we'll actually be able to plant herbs and vegetables...if we can keep the squirrels away.

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  1. I turned the sound on before I pushed play on your video, then found out that I didn't need to. Oh how I long for a quiet home like that! At least for a day every now and then! :) It looks like a beautiful place.