Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1051 desert miles:
Joshua- and Palm- trees...
...plus 'eating parties'...

Crazy distances out here in the American SW--crazy amount of miles just for a three-day 'weekend' (1051 miles, from Tucson to the L.A. area and back), and 40 miles EACH WAY for Saturday-night dinner: freeway-dependence.

Then, getting back to Tucson late Sunday night...obligatory 'bright-eyed' morning for Monday@work: ay ay ay...On the way there on Friday, we drove through the surreal landscapes of Joshua Tree National Park...and on the way back day before yesterday, through the equally-surreal landscapes of Palm Springs and the surrounding 'desert cities...'

Alas, no "Korean tacos" (see http://www.kogibbq.com/) this trip...times and locations did not intersect with our itinerary in the L.A. area...But, we did have ethnic 'eating parties,' as my mother (who was with us) refers to occasions when 'different' or 'special'  foods are present:
...haven't had time to upload yet, but photos coming soon...

Meanwhile, a couple of things from the NYTimes yesterday and today: 

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