Thursday, May 14, 2009

Link: The mysterious allure of the fry cook from Bikini Bottom

Yes, that's correct--that's my title line for this entry.
It's the subtitle for this article from the current issue of The Atlantic magazine:
Sponge Bob's Golden Dream
by James Parker
(click on the above to read the full article.)

Seriously, it's one of the more brilliant essays I've read in a while.
Even if you have just the slightest passing acquaintance with
the animated phenomenon, you should read this essay; I hope you like it...

Yesterday, I had a new experience--I had to go to the dentist...
...for a crown. Ay ay ay. I cracked a back tooth--an old filling from childhood...

Wow, the cost. (At least I still have insurance, which covers some of the cost.)

But hey--better than what happened to most people for most of history, eh? --you lose a tooth here and there in your 20's and 30's, and before you know it, you're a toothless, and thus malnourished, 40-year-old, at the end of the typical life expentancy.

Too bad SpongeBob's happifying inanity didn't exist in the Middle Ages.

I had a photo on TV the other night--the local news included one of my hummingbird photos on the weather segment (one of the photos from a couple of entries ago--on April 23rd.) I didn't see it, but a friend did and called me.

Another small thrill.

Seriously, hummingbird nests--so cute.
My wife and I continue on our descent down the slippery slope of

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