Sunday, February 15, 2009

In today's Tucson Sunday paper...

...ahh, the relaxing ritual of unrushed Sunday morning coffee with the newspaper...
what a nice surprise to open to page B-6 in this morning's Tucson paper to see this:

...just nine days after my other morning-newspaper-surprise (see below), I saw another photo of mine published! The caption read: "Joseph Cyr was in the right place at the right time when he captured this Guatemalan volcano and its shadow at sunset."

The volcano is the 12,000-ft.-high Volcán El Agua, between Amatitlán and Antigua, Guatemala. My wife and I were visiting an old family friend in Guatemala in February of 2006, (during the year that we lived in Nicaragua), and I'd just bought my first digital camera in Guatemala City. Trying to learn to use it, I walked down a street in our friend's colonia, and the humid sunset that evening ended up being stunning.

That same evening, from that same spot, another volcano, off to the south, was belching steam:

That is the Volcán Pacaya, (about 8300 feet high), pretty much continuously active...

Also stunning are the budget cuts occuring at all levels of Arizona's education system, which inspired the local editorial cartoonist to draw this morning's remarks:

Gotta love the spatula, eh? Sad...

(this was the photo that appeared in the local paper on Feb. 6th)

(Probably the most-photographed coffee-shop window in Seattle...nevertheless, during the decade I lived in Seattle, this was always one of my favorite street vistas, especially welcoming on a grey day.)

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  1. Congrats !! Lovely shot... they chose well. :-)