Thursday, December 18, 2008


Actually, tomorrow is my last work-at-school-day before winter break, but today was the last day with the kids, and I just finished giving exams!!

And so, a celebratory phone-camera shot from my lunch-break classroom:

Yep, here in Tucson, in the 21st century, I'm still using good-ol' mid-20th-century technology: the overhead. That's "r├ętroprojecteur" in French, if you want to know. And I must explain: I inherited the Snoopy-vive-les-vacances poster. Corniness in the high-school-foreign-language classrom is inescapable, no?

I've been promised that a new "promethean"-board (one of those interactive white-bards, the darlings of progressive education) will be installed...but that was back in the summer, and here we are in December...but "vive les vacances!" all the same...
Another camera-phone shot:

I saw this sign while visiting some recently-arrived immigrants in an apartment complex. Just around the corner from where I teach, this complex houses people from places such as Iraq, Congo, Tanzania, Burundi, Chad, and Somalia.
Mystifying? We finally 'deciphered' it--evidently someone was trying to write "please don't touch" on a stairwell door. Surely, a lot to learn...
Okay, okay...lunch is over. Back to grades...

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