Thursday, April 10, 2008

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From today's International Herald Tribune:
...ay, the law of unintended consequences...

The tyranny of corn. Seriously--not such a radical phrase, when you look into the issue.

I have nothing personal against corn.


Corn has invaded so much of the agro-alimentary industry, irrationally.

It's amazing (pun fully intended) how political corn has become.

Corn is one of the least efficient crops from which to produce ethanol.

(The current food-shortages and rising food-prices, especially harmful in third-world countries, is largely due in part to the politically-induced overproduction of corn.)

"Corn syrup" is hardly 'natural'...neither are 'corn plastics'...

Corn is one of the worse things to feed cattle, but in feedlots, cows are given corn because it makes them grow fast, while simultaneously making them ill, which forces farmers to pump them full of antibiotics...Feed a cow grass, and it'll be much happier. But, no--gotta give'em corn...A lifetime of intestinal distress, but 'worth it,' so we can have cheap hamburgers, eh? ay...

Wow, this does come off as a rant.

Corn. Good food. Gone bad.

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  1. Howdy Joe. Your rant about corn makes me wonder if you and Sara watched the same documentary Devon and I saw the other day on channel 9 (well, probably not channel 9 for you anymore). It was on the "Independent Lens" series on PBS called "King Corn". Here's a link to the website. Pretty fascinating stuff.