Saturday, January 12, 2008

Billboard beatitude.../..."Sbrek"

Waiting at a red light here in Tucson, the other day,
I used my cell-phone to take a picture.
There will be no commentary on the subject thereof.
This is pure, objective, cell-phone-photo-journalism.
I supply 'just the facts;'
I submit to you then, this contemporary billboard setting of a beatitude:

(If you have a hard time seeing it, here's a description:
Against a backdrop of a U.S. flag, there is a huddled prayer-group of soldiers...
Underneath "God Bless our Troops," Matthew 5.9 is cited: Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called children of God.
And then, if you look carefully at the bottom right hand
corner of the billboard,
you'll see that it's sponsored by an organization named, no joke,
"Junque for Jesus.")

Say the word 'breakfast' outloud.
Now say it five times fast:

Can you hear how the predominant sound,
(since the 't' at the end of breakfasT gets dropped,)
is, approximately, 'sbrek?'

Well, that is what our little bird hears, at least.
So--although Paquito doesn't 'sing for his supper,'
he can now, kind of, 'speak for his breakfast'...

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