Monday, May 21, 2007

Link to view...

As more of you learn that my wife and I are moving
to Arizona,
here's a link that I've enjoyed.

It's to a webcam on the roof of a building on the Univ. of AZ campus in Tucson;
it shows the Santa Catalina mountain range from central Tucson,
live and with a time/temperature display.

...about six weeks left til departure day...

Anybody know anybody who wants to buy a piano?

Yesterday and today, the weather in western WA--
rainy and in the 40' late May!
another reason to look forward to the desert...

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  1. Hey kids. You're so brave. I admire your adaptability. Thank you for posting your writing. I remember when this was published. Wow! Ten years... can you believe it? We've come so far, and yet we seem to circle back and make contact. I'm proud to call you my friends, no matter where your wandering fee take you. HUGS!