Monday, February 19, 2007

Feb post # 2

...ah, the clichéd pastime of clipping cartoons from The New Yorker...
In this week's issue, I found this:
(I confess--I didn't know exactly know what a "Japanese enzyme bath" was,
so, this being a day off, I googled it: click on this for a brief explanation, if you care to know...

At any rate, what do YOU think--are blogs are as obnoxious and omnipresent as the cartoon portrays?
Surely, this blog isn't as in-your-face and inane...

As proof thereof, behold the scan below, a result of grocery-shopping this past weekend at H-mart.
I came across this packet of cookies, which I had to buy, just for the packaging:

Indeed, 'happy and joyful time'...(prounce the Korean: 'choh-koh-tin-tin')
!!Biba Engrish!!

You might want to take those smiling gender-specific treats for lunch,
in your very own tin lunch-box, decorated thusly:

(Thanks to my friend Bl... for giving me a scanned copy of this décor...)

This time of the year, when my wife and I inevitably begin talking about moving somewhere sunnier, when the grey sky descends lower than the hilltops, inducing a S.A.D.-attack, we do often ask each other--"what, are you a problem?"
That helps, you know.

In the other room, right now, our parrots are tweeting, repeatedly saying "Good bird! good bird!"

That deserves to be announced, definitely...

Speaking of birds, then...
What's with this sign?
Who was the graphic designer who came up with this 'canine' profile in an area park?
We thought the sign should read "no DUCKS allowed"...

And speaking of art...a few weeks ago, on a miraculously sunny Sunday afternoon, we walked through the newly opened Seattle Art Museum outdoor Olympic Sculpture Park...Metallic tree. Cool.

Kind of like the color of this frozen lake:

Last Monday, my wife and I were flying back to Seattle from a weekend trip to Kansas City, and as we approached Salt Lake City (where we had to change planes), we saw the above view...
NOT the Great Salt Lake...can anybody help me out here?
Remember, 'without geography, we're nowhere.'


  1. Delightful smorgusboard (does that have a correct spelling?) of clips, scans and photos. I knew I could count on you for something entertaining after a vacation day. :D Thanks for not disappointing!

  2. The frozen body of water - could it be Utah Lake, which is maybe ~30 miles south of SLC?

    (I've never posted on the blog before - that was kind of fun ;)