Tuesday, October 10, 2006

...and today's newspaper-gleaned factoid is...

...that Nicaragua is hoping to trademark a new national drink.
Mexico has margaritas.
France has champagne and pastis.
Japan has saki.
Cuba has cuba libres and mojitos.
Peru has its pisco sours...

And now, Nicaragua, trying to play catch-up in the tourist-world,
and also to cash in on its really good rum,
wants a typical liquid refreshment of its own.

So, a contest was held,
which you can read about in this article in today's International Herald Tribune (click on this).

Here's an excerpt:
After sipping numerous offerings, the judges have opted for a fruity concoction that they called el macuá, after a tropical bird found in this part of the world. The drink is one part white rum, one part guava juice, with a half-portion of lemon juice and some sugar and ice.

It's nice to read about something less threatening than North Korean nuclear tests and school-shootings, no?

I don't recall ever seeing a 'macua' bird, (macaw) though...at least not in the wild. They are extinct in most of Western Nicaragua, where most Nicaraguans live. Their nests are hunted down due to the supposed semi-spiritual powers that can be obtained from its extracts...Hmm...


  1. "Judges described the yellowish drink as strong, fruity and sweet."

    Sounds like they're gonna repackage Mountain Dew. :-)

  2. We'll have to try to duplicate this at home... you get the guava juice and I'll bring the rum. :D

  3. Daniel--it would have to be 'Volcano Dew' in Nicaragua...

    and Eden--
    S. and I like your idea! We even have frozen 'jocotes' from the Latino market down the hill, to make it more authentically Nica...and maybe the downstairs neighbors will blast the ranchera for us...